Lantern Moon Tape Measures




How come you can never find a tape measure when you need it?  Well, you will never overlook these darling tape measures from Lantern Moon.  Besides a million and one household uses, these tape measures are a perfect size to tuck in your knitting or crochet bag.

Lantern Moon tape measures are hand crocheted or made from cloth.  The workmanship is evident as you use them over and over again.  They are designed to be durable as well as attractive.  Each tape measure is retractable–you just press a button in the center and the tape automatically retracts back into the casing.  The tapes themselves are plastic with both metric and English measurements on opposite and there is a special pull tab on the end.

Each tape measures 60″ or 5′ and the measure in the casing is 3″ in diameter.  They come in a variety of styles–and the abundance of designs makes it easy to please just about anyone.

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Baby Owl, Beige Sheep, Birthday Cake, Black Kitty, Black Sheep, Bear, Olive, Penguin, Peace Sign, Ravelry Bob, Sock Monkey, Sunflower, Turtle, White Sheep, Fox, Leaf and Lady Bug, Red Yarn Ball, Teal Yarn Ball, Purple Yarn Ball, Ladybug, Queen Bee